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Family News
  • Jim and Hope are expecting another son in April, 2008
  • Kate and Pierce had their first ultrasound and are proud to announce they are expecting a healthy little GIRL!
  • Updated contact info for several relatives including Jim and Hope's address and phone numbers, Jeffrey, Becky and Susie's addresses and a few email addresses as well
  • Kate and Pierce announced that they are pregnant and expecting a baby the first week in May of 2008
  • Jason and I got a new kitty to keep Tigger company. His name is Bugs, we call him Bugsie. He and Tigger get along great! He is so cute!
  • I took ALL the boxes of photos from my parents attic and I am currently scanning them all into my computer. Yes it is going to take a very long time. There are 4 huge boxes full of albums. When I sit down at night to scan, I can pretty much scan in a whole album in one night. I've come across some great pictures so far!
  • Updated Flight Itineraries and Andrew and Kara's Wedding Page
  • Added Blog so we can have online discussions, check it out!
  • Laura and George announced their Engagement!
    Wedding is planned for February 10, 2007
    Visit their site at
  • Updated icons to the top right of the page to a more XP style, and updated those links to open in a new page
  • Updated the information on Contact Us
  • Finished listing and linking all pages in the Site Index
  • Updated colors on the Metzger Calendar to match theme of the main site
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