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Meet the William Henry Metzger Family and the Arthur Leo McCormick Family of North Eastern Pennsylvania

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Lisa's Family Website

Lisa's Family Website is dedicated to both my mother's family, the Metzgers and my father's family, the McCormicks. I've traced the roots of both families to the Wilkes-Barre area in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. I've found records of them living here dating back to their ancestors immigration to the United States from Europe in the 1800's.

I'm very proud of my mostly Irish heritage, which is about 75% Irish. I've gotta be really Irish with names in my family tree like McCormick, Lenahan, Gallagher and McHugh from my father's side of the family and Martin and Kennedy from my mother's side. But I'm also German; Metzger and Wittich and a little tiny bit Lithuanian; Bukavich. If you have any information to share about people in this family tree please contact me at

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  • 1/3/2008 - Updates to Metzger Family Tree
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    • Email Lisa if you forget the login credentials
  • 1/3/2008 - Updates to homepages to make Contact Info more easily accessible
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  • 12/4/2007 - New! Photo Galleries
  • 11/28/2007 - Check out the new Current Events page
  • 11/27/2007 - Updated Contact Info for several relatives
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The purpose for this site is to have a centralized place where my family can go to learn about what's going on in the lives of the rest of their family members.

In this hectic world we are all so busy, but we can easily catch up on what we've missed by perusing the website once in a while. We have grown to such a large family, spanning several states and my hopes are that even with our distance, we can remain close by sharing photos and family history.

The first year of website construction was dedicated to uploading and sharing all my photos. I sucessfully uploaded photo albums from 2002 through 2005. There is still alot more to come for 2006 and 2007.

I have since moved my focus to researching my family tree. There will be dedicated family tree areas for both the Metzgers and the McCormicks. I hope to include biographical facts on every family member as well as a history of their photos and family heritage.

Since I've begun the site, I've added several features such as a Calendar listing all the Metzger birthdays and anniversaries, a Guestbook for any visitores to the website to leave a hello or comment on the site, and most recently I've added a Blog allowing the Metzger family to share comments on current events or hot topics.
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